Summer Reading – My READ Poster

From Spider Lake, just three of the books I devoured this summer. Thanks ALA!

Please make your own and put it on Flickr. I can’t wait to see everyone’s choices…

Via Jenny:

One of the fun projects I’ve gotten to shepherd at work is now available for you to play with – the READ Mini Poster Generator. It’s just like the generators on fd’s Flickr Toys because it was created by John Watson, Mr. fd himself. Choose from one of four templates and just click the button to upload a picture from your hard drive. (One hint – leave some room above your head in the picture.)

Useful for web badges, profile pictures, and especially graphics for events such as Banned Books Week (which is coming up in September). If you post yours to Flickr, be sure to add it to the READ posters pool. Here’s my first one, but I’m more interested to see how creative everyone else is. I have a series of posters planned. :-)