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Video Games on Tour @ the Library

!, originally uploaded by capemaycountylibrary. Justin Hoenke writes: I’m the teen librarian at the Cape May County Library here in Cape May Court House, NJ. I put together a “video games on tour at the library” event at our library that’s going on this week and so far it’s been really successful. We’ve had people of all ages coming out to test games at the library…it has been great! Here are some photos! http://www.flickr.com/photos/capemaycountylibrary/

Library Fail

Chris Harris writes: http://schoolof.info/infomancy/?p=530 Imagine our surprise, however, when we entered the manga library to be welcomed with this sign that fails on so many levels.Leaving aside the quite horrific fail, we still have to deal with the unfortunate fact that this sign maker’s perception of libraries is that they are mainly quiet. What made this more sad was that the day before I had been one floor up in the same hotel talking about the fact that libraries are not just about being quiet anymore. That we have learned to change and meet user expectations; that we have adopted […]