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skyping wit a cool Prof, originally uploaded by [ iblee ].

Pondering IM/Skype office hours myself….

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  • Lee

    Sure thing! Dr. Douglas wanted to provide us with ways to communicate with him that worked for us. And, he gave us a rundown of how he typically responds through different communication channels. He even was very descriptive in telling us how to contact him.

    Like on Skype, he says to drop him a message first to see if he is available to chat. Or with email, he places student communication at the top of his response list. If you don’t hear from him in 24 hours, you need to contact him again -your message might be buried. He gets a lot of email.

    He also has this very interesting paper:
    Douglas I., & Alemanne, N.D. (2007). Monitoring student participation and effort. Paper presented at the IADIS International Conference (CELDA 2007), Algarve, Portugal, 299-302

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