From the Director’s Desk

The Parking Question

The parking question arises quickly when talking to those who live in the downtown area or who frequent downtown businesses. It comes in several variations:

  • Is the Library going to build a parking deck?
  • Is the Village going to build a parking deck?
  • Couldn’t the Library put in underground parking?
  • Can the Library buy (insert property name/address here) to build more parking?
  • Can the Village buy (insert property name/address here) to build more parking?

Now, I cannot speak for the Village beyond reporting what was said at the Site Feasibility Committee meetings. Those meeting notes are linked on this page, so it’s not a secret. Both Library and Village representatives indicated that they cannot commit to funding a parking deck at this time.

All plans to date do include additional parking to meet zoning requirements of the Village. The Village of Plainfield is working with the Library to ensure that shared parking makes the most effective use of the property owned by each.

The bottom line is that decks and underground parking are EXPENSIVE! More than 10 times the cost per space than at-grade parking. That is a hefty investment for any government entity, but particularly for the Library, which only receives 2.4% of the average homeowner’s property tax.

With cost as the biggest concern of the Telephone Town Hall meeting participants, the Library’s Board of Trustees is committed to a no-frills plan of solid construction that will meet the district’s needs into the next decade, without overburdening the taxpayers today. So far, a parking deck does not fit that commitment.


Excellent example of transparency in action as well as a well-written director’s blog.