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School Library Journal: Library Blog Blasts Palin

Librarians Against Palin

9 thoughts on “Some Overtly Political Links

  • Mary Beth Sancomb-Moran

    It is my understanding that the woman asked a question of the librarian. as a director of a public library in a small western town, I was asked questions like this fairly regularly by officials – usually in response to a constituent complaining to them about some horrible book the library had.

    There is a lot we don’t know about this situation. Why are we forming the mob and grabbing the pitchforks before we know the whole story?

    It couldn’t be because she’s a conservative, could it?

  • Skjeffries

    of course it’s because she’s a conservative…and because she has the R word next to her name…she must be evil, don’t you know?

  • Kendra


    I don’t believe she has given any interviews since she was picked and based on some comments from McCain spokespeople, it doesn’t look like she will any time soon.

    Hopefully when she does open up to reporters, it’ll be a question that is asked.

  • Vi

    Adolf Hitler also has problems with certain books: Sara Palin’s approach is no different than his.

    The prospect of having someone like her so close to becoming the
    president of the United States should be truly terrifying to the thinking person.

    We probably will have another 4-8 years in the Middle Ages, creationism
    will be taught in public schools alongside evolution, abortion will be banned
    even in cases involving rape and incest, everybody will become member of NRA and shoot poor innocent moose dead just for fun. Or, shooting wolves from a helicopter for a change.

    Another oil executive’s wife will teach us values.

    We will live in a perfect Republican Land and glorify senseless bloodshed and theocracy.
    No, thanks.

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