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Teaching with WordPress MU

  I start my first class tomorrow: LIS753 Internet Fundamentals & Design. We’re hosting all of our courses at http://classes.tametheweb.com/, via a WordPressMU installation. After considering and playing with Drupal, I was drawn back to WordPress and its ease of use and multiple blog possibilities. Watching the excellent WP-based work of Casey Bisson and Alan Levine helped me make my decision to stay with WP. My ultra-cool grad assistant Kyle Jones worked on making the classes site functional and pleasing to the eye. Thanks Kyle! We’re sticking with WordPress now and hope to add the officially released version of Buddypress in the […]

On the Learning/Information Commons

I’ve become fascinated with the idea and implementation of the Commons in academic libraries of late. It’s very much part of what I call The Hyperlinked Library. These past few months, I’ve wrote about the commons at ALA TechSource blog. Please take a look if you are interested. The Space Had to Say WOW: Indiana University South Bend Student-centered Digital Learning: Loyola University Keeping the Library Relevant: Georgia Tech

Kennewick library giving students the boot

Via Melissa, one of my students comes this article from Kennewick, WA: Kennewick library Giving StUdents the Boot. Attention grabbing headline, no? From the article: Kennewick High School students have been banned from using the library across the street from their school while classes are in session. Students who often walked across the street to the library during lunch arrived at school last week and learned they were no longer welcome there — at least not between 7:30 a.m. and 2:10 p.m. “I think it’s stupid that they call it the public library and it’s not open to the public,” […]