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Designing Experiences or Resources?

http://www.kickerstudio.com/blog/2008/09/creating-products-not-experiences/ This comes via David Armano’s Twitter feed. I will be seeing him speak at this year’s IDEA Conference – I can’t wait. The Kicker Studio piece is good food for thought: Although Kicker does some of the activities that in a lot of circles would be called “User Experience” or “Experience Design,” it’s my feeling that experiences can’t really be designed. You can only provide the resources for people to have an experience; then it’s the people (users) themselves who create the experience. People bring all sorts of history, talents, sensibilities, and culture to bear on any engagement with a […]

Student Project Article to be Published!

“Talking, looking, flying, searching: information seeking behavior in Second Life” by Margaret Ostrander, MLIS, has been accepted for publication by the peer-reviewed, academic journal Library Hi Tech. The article is based on original research Margaret completed to investigate how users seek information in virtual worlds. Margaret’s work will appear as the lead article in the “Best Young Professionals” themed issue in December 2008 (vol:26 iss:4). Margaret completed this research as part of a self-designed independent study under the direction of Dr. Michael Stephens at Dominican University while a student on the College of St. Catherine campus. WooHoo! Congrats Margaret!

Privacy or Marketing Data

Privacy or Marketing Data, originally uploaded by JenWaller. WOW I am enjoying JenWaller’s set of photos from her tour of DOK. So good to see my Shanachie friends in their library showing things off. Jenn writes: Erik and Jaap explain and demonstrate how the DOK library cards (and their system) operate. Again, similar to CDR, privacy is a little different here. DOK gathers lots of information about their users, and they use that data to make all kinds of decisions about services, programming, marketing, etc. They said they could tell how much cream a user puts in his/her coffee 🙂 […]