Mt. Prospect PL Kicks off Learning 2.0 3

Tomorrow, I’ll be at Mt. Prospect Public Library to speak at their staff day. The library is launching a version of Learning 2.0. Check it out:

If you are attending, please say hi!

3 thoughts on “Mt. Prospect PL Kicks off Learning 2.0

  • Carolyn Zintak

    I attended your presentation today at MPPL. Thanks for bringing us up to date on technology that we can use at work and at play! I realize I’ve just been coasting along and it’s time to put the oars back in the water and get moving again!

    I really enjoyed your style and “slides” too!.Very entertaining and thought provoking. I’m ready to explore, thanks to you!

  • Mary Jane

    I totally agree with Carolyn. I was also amazed on how much I already use 2.0 technology! Now I want to learn more!

    Thank you for a wonderful presentation!

    Hope you got to your next destination (Minneapolis?) on time!

  • Michelle Vonderhaar

    Wow! I was so shocked when I saw my Learning 2.0 site here. Hopefully everyone at MPPL will enjoy doing the program as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

    Michael, the staff at MPPL really enjoyed your presentation. I know it inspired many to continue exploring and learning the new technology that is out there.

    Thanks for that!

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