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Online Meeting Space from ALA & OPAL

http://discuss.ala.org/marginalia/2008/09/11/new-online-meeting-space-now-available/ Basically, though, ALA has four rooms available for groups to use – two 25-seat rooms, one 50-seat room, and one 100-seat room. Because these are virtual spaces, they’re available 24/7. Any ALA unit (divisions, round tables, sections, committees, etc.) or ALA-affiliated group can use a room to hold a meeting (following existing ALA bylaws for meetings), a discussion group, or as a presentation space for up to 100 participants. OPAL rooms provide: Text chat (including the ability to save the transcript); Voice chat for participants with microphones and speakers (including the ability to record the conversation); The ability  to […]

Please Eat in the Library

Please Eat in the Library, originally uploaded by JenWaller. Jen writes: DOK has no rules, and good food is sold and eaten in the library! This area is super bright and cheery, and there were a lot of people reading here. Now that I look at this photo I realize I didn’t go to the back of this area (up the three steps in the background) and check out the comfy looking black and white chairs. I did check out the selection and great display of magazines and newspapers. Sigh. Adding this to “The Hyperlinked Library.”