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Legally, should Libraries NOT be Using Flickr?

  Inside by the Fire courtesy of Lester Public Library That’s Gil. He’s enjoying the newspaper and the fire at Lester Public Library. The cliché says a picture is worth a thousand words but I must agree that the story this picture tells about what patrons will find at LPL is pretty darn priceless. With this in mind, have you seen “Laws for Using Photos You Take at Your Library” by Bryan Carson? http://www.infotoday.com/mls/sep08/Carson.shtml Carson covers the best ways to use photographs taken at library events and in the library for promotion: It is clearly a violation of the right […]

On Innovation, Control and the Organization

A wonderful post by Eric Schnell caught my eye last week. http://ericschnell.blogspot.com/2008/09/library-innovation-requires.html His words are so well-chosen and ideas so spot on IMHO: To move towards a move innovative organization requires experimentation, trial and error, doing new things, and breaking rules.  Libraries looking to become more innovative are confronted with reality: it takes 100 crazy ideas to find 10 worth funding experimentally in order to identify 1 project worth pursuing. As it has been said, that it takes a lot of acorns to grow an oak tree. The challenge is that most library organizations are structured and managed to continue current […]