Plugged in at The Marriott

Speaking of cisutomer relationships, don’t miss Jenny Levine’s post about her experience at a Marriott hotel:

Apparently this is part of a service called Plug into Marriott, and it’s a traveling geek’s dream come true. In fact, I’d love to have one of these in every room in my house! The panel has four surge-protected outlets, an ethernet port, an audio-in port, RCA jacks, an S-Video port, a computer video port, and even a memory card reader. This means you can plug in your laptop (to do work or watch a DVD), an MP3 player to listen to music, a digital camera to view pictures, or a camcorder to watch videos. You can even plug in a game console, and in fact they actually encourage this by including this information in the documentation. Equally important, the hotel provides all of the cables, since most of us don’t carry these things around.

Jenny notes how it appeals to her inner geek and speaks to the way we use media. The obvious next question: how can libraries provide similar services? Examples?