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“SWFLN welcomes our newest staff member, Lee LeBlanc, Continuing Education/Emerging Technologies Coordinator. Lee comes to us from Florida Gulf Coast University, where he was most recently a Senior Library Technical Assistant for the Computing and Public Service Departments. He is currently a graduate student at Florida State University’s College of Information and a frequent guest-blogger for Michael Stephens’ blog, Tame the Web. Welcome, Lee!”

Please congratulate Lee. I met him for the first time in April 2007 at SWFLN Technology Day. Since then, he’s contributed some thought-provoking content to TTW as he works toward his Masters. We are lucky to have folks like him in the profession: balanced, humanistic and caring about libraries.

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  • Lee

    You know how you say to yourself, “I wonder if there’s a place where my ideas are possible?” …Well I do at least.

    And, now I get to see my ideas come to life. To give you perspective, to me this is like winning the Lottery of Work. I don’t have a job. I have meaningful work with fantastic co-workers supporting people/libraries who do life changing work.

    If I’ve sounded at all philosophical in my posts the reason lies in how I view my life: I want to look back and enjoy it a second.

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