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Comic Catalog, originally uploaded by scampion.

Read Steve Campion’s ideas for the “Comic Catalog” here:

One thought on “Comic Catalog

  • Graeme Williams

    I realize this is not the point of the example, but the results screen is not a particularly good response to the search request.

    ‘HBO’ appears in the search request but not anywhere on the results screen. One of the advantages of structured metadata (compared to text search) is that the fields / columns in the results can be adapted to the data in the query. In this case, ‘HBO’ might match the publisher field of the DVD, in which case the publisher field should be included in the results display.

    “John Adams [DVD 20563]” is presumably a uniform title. We might argue about whether this has value to the internal workings of the catalog, but it’s clear in this case that it has no value to the patron. It just doesn’t help the patron tell whether this is the DVD they want.

    It’s useful to do a Google search on ‘John Adams HBO DVD’ (no quotes) to see where the bar is set.

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