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Off to London!

Sunday evening walk, originally uploaded by Michael Casey. Michael Casey snapped this lovely photo today in London. I’m at O’Hare right now waiting for my flight. If you are attending Internet Librarian International 2008, please be sure to say HI!

Work Like a Patron Day

Brian Herzog writes: http://www.swissarmylibrarian.net/2008/10/07/work-like-a-patron-day Last week, a library volunteer and I were working on a project together. We each needed to work on a computer, but be close enough together to talk. The only arrangement like this in the library are the public workstations, so we worked out there. In addition to getting the work done, I learned a few things: some of the keys of the keyboard didn’t work very well the monitor had streaks and fingerprints on it it was hard to concentrate with people walking and talking around us both of us forgot to bring a flash […]