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The Transparent Library: Library PR 2.0

The rules of marketing have changed. Do libraries know that? Corporate PR-types used to control the message. Sitting behind a desk, they’d write a carefully crafted press release and then send it off to newspapers and upload it to their web site. The attention the company got might barely justify the salary of the PR professional. Today’s world is fundamentally different. Neither news nor brand identity are controlled through press releases or carefully choreographed newspaper articles. Brands are molded and shaped by the audience—and the audience is everyone. People talk. And people listen. Social tools, social media, and social engagement […]

From Canada to London: How Twitter Opens (Conference) DoorsThehigh

Yesterday in a two part session at ILI2008, I joined Thomas Brevik, Michael Casey for a panel discussion on “Next Generation Libraries.” It wasn’t just us talking – many people in the room joined in creating a lively debate/discussion about libraries, vendors, technology, attitude, and LIS edu. Take a look at David Kemper’s post: From Canada to London: How Twitter Opens (Conference) Doors  As Twitter matures and empowers people, users of the micro-blogger service are finding more ingenious ways to communicate. Twittering or sending tweets (updates) about conferences or live events, such as the Presidential debates, are gaining in popularity. […]