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SLA IT Bulletin: Digital Focus: Michael Stephens

The kind folks at SLA IT Bulletin Digital Focus have given me permission to reprint the interview they did with me last summer here at TTW as part of my digital portfolio. I really appreciate it. Interview with Michael Stephens – Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Dominican University For those who may be unfamiliar with you or your work, could you provide a professional description of yourself? I’ve worked in libraries and LIS education for 18 years. My public library career spanned 15 years, and included positions in Audio Visual, Reference,  and Networked Resources. Throughout that […]

HOWTO give a good presentation

Aaron writes some tips for being a good presenter: Including these: ? Don’t be nervous. The people you’re talking to aren’t out to get you. In fact, they want to see you succeed. Because if you succeed they’ll be informed and entertained. Instead of being nervous, have fun. It will be apparent that you’re having fun and having fun is contagious. ? Say something outrageous. Big, bold statements get people’s attention and are often funny. People like to laugh. Don’t confuse this with me suggesting that you be crude. I’ve heard “hell,” and “damn” used a one or two […]

The Library Student Bill of Rights – A TTW Guest Post by Char Booth

From Michael: Char Booth and I were at a dinner sponsored by the good folks from Darien at ALA this summer. Our discussion turned to library school and Char offered some ideas and opinions about her experience as a student. I’m always interested to hear how I might do my job better – and Char definetely had ideas. I seized the chance to ask her to put her thoughts into a guest post, that became “The Library Student Bill of Rights.” What do you think? What would you add? The Library Student Bill of Rights Like every other librarian, in […]

Taming Technolust: Planning in a Hyperlinked World

I am particularly enjoying this slide this morning. 🙂 Here are the slides as PDF from the original keynote file. Links for the presentation today: Technoplans Vs Technolust at Library Journal 2004 Taming Technolust article at RUSQ: Links: ACRL Changing Roles “Let Go of Control” Cell Phone Sign: Brian Herzog’s Signs: The Cluetrain Manifesto: Emerging Technology Committee @ TTW Michelle Boule on Beta Prototyping from Brian Mathews Transparency: The Open Door Director Trend Map: Open Source Software: Casey Bisson’s LTR Karen Schenider on OSS in SLJ “Free for All” Learning 2.0 & Learn & Play @CML Be Curious

Using Google Maps to bring out your library’s local collections

One of my former students, Mikael Jacobsen, has an article in the NetConnect at LJ: The Historical Map of Franklin Park has proven to be the most popular and has been viewed over 8700 times since it was first published in late May 2008. It was originally conceived as a simple visual guide to the history of FPPL. However, once I discovered how easy it is to build a custom My Map, I filled out the content to include more on the entire city’s history. Working with the approval and under the supervision of the Local History Museum of […]

The Cloud Librarians

Don’t miss “Stranger Than We Know” by Jason Griffey in the new LJ: (emphasis mine for HOTness) So how do librarians interact with this level of mobile, always on, information space? The most important thing we can do is to ensure that when the technology matures, we are ready to deliver content to it. Our role as information portals will not decline—it will simply shift focus from books on shelves and computers on desks to on-time mobile delivery of both holdings and services. Reference will be communitywide and no longer limited to either location (reference desk) or to service […]

Faculty Technology Lab

I love the idea of this kind of facilty available to faculty via the library: Faculty Technology Lab The Faculty Technology Lab is located in Room 108 of the Library, behind the Reference Desk on the main floor. It is intended to support the academic endeavors of the faculty by providing access to specialized equipment and software. In addition, the Library Technology Assistant can assist faculty with scanning, optical character recognition, DVD & CD burning and much more. If you have any questions, or would like to make an appointment, please call the Reference Desk at 630-617-3173 or the […]

LIS768 Context Book Reports

The first wave of Context Book Reports are coming in via the LIS768ers up in Minnesota. I have policy of not pointing to individual student work during the semester, but if you are curious about what students thought of various books take a look: Thanks to the authors who replied to student emails for more information: Andrew Keen, the authors of the Cluetrain Manifesto, etc. This blows me away.