It’s all about People

I am hearting this post:

Coming Full Circle: Humanity is the new Technology

What I think is happening on the Web is very human. While we look toward trends like “cloud computing” it’s essential to understand what’s happening here. Sometimes, as human beings we don’t want human assistance, like for example if we’re checking out savings account or just need some cash from an ATM. In other instances, we are looking for a genuine human connection, and the Web spurred on by the advent of social networks is beginning to show signs of how this could possible be delivered. So in addition to human to computer interaction, we have human to human interaction enabled through technology.

Armano is spot on and he relates it to Seth Godin’s Tribes as well, which I am just finishing. It’s not the library blog or wiki, or Bookspace, or GoodRead, or Meebo embedded librarian on the results not found page, it’s people..and connections. I think that’s what “The Hyperlinked Library” has always been about.

Tell me how your library’s humanity will shine through today? Will it be a connection made in person or virtually? Will it be inspiring someone’s curiosity? Will it be leading a tribe of passionate users who care about the institution? I keep coming back to the newsletter full of rules and I feel sad for those users. Where’s the humanity in that equation?