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IT Professional says “No” & Phil Bradley Responds

I was following a thread by Phil Bradley about Facebook and bosses and found this: http://www.rba.co.uk/wordpress/2008/10/29/bosses-should-embrace-facebook/#comments Charlie says this: As an IT professional I believe it would be a short-sighted and risky to allow employees or contractors to even possibly exchange corporate/business information through an unaccountable service such as facebook. For the following reasons: * user submitted information to Facebook is stored in the US where there is no comprehensive data protection legislation. * Facebook is a free service – what’s in it for them in the long run? What of intellectual property implications? * Facebook applications are notorious for […]

It’s all about People

I am hearting this post: Coming Full Circle: Humanity is the new Technology What I think is happening on the Web is very human. While we look toward trends like “cloud computing” it’s essential to understand what’s happening here. Sometimes, as human beings we don’t want human assistance, like for example if we’re checking out savings account or just need some cash from an ATM. In other instances, we are looking for a genuine human connection, and the Web spurred on by the advent of social networks is beginning to show signs of how this could possible be delivered. So […]

Searching the ALA Web Site

http://discuss.ala.org/marginalia/2008/10/31/why-did-they-search-that-i-wonder/ Karen writes: When the ALA website went live last month, it did so with an added feature: the custom Search Engine Results Page. There are three parts to this, “key matches,” the usual kind of search results, and some ranked results from “big” Google. I had the task of building the initial set of key matches in the final hours before we went live, when most of the pages would be in their intended places. Since then, there have been changes, and some topics really do need key matches. Time for a tune-up. So, we ran a report of […]

Evaluating the Library’s Weblog

From an LIS768 Class Discussion: About a year back, my library department (youth services) decided to maintain a weblog – mainly with the purpose of highlighting the collection, programs, and services, and displaying photos of kids using the library.  We promote the blog by word of mouth (although, to be honest, this has method has fallen off since the blog’s early days), providing a link to the blog on the website, and displaying the addresss on some library materials. Well, almost a year later, the blog is fairly presentable and is updated somewhat frequently (between 4 and 10 times a month).  The author is usually me […]