WE Generation: How will we serve them in libraries? 5

Via Janette at CAVAL.

5 thoughts on “WE Generation: How will we serve them in libraries?

  • Theresa

    This is all so true, they are the 1st generation that is technologically advanced & truly intelligent. They are also the 1st generation that truly knows how to get the word out. With the internet’s social networking at their fingertips – they are well on their way.

    It’s a brutal awakening to realize that my generation is turning over a world in worse condition than how we received it. My parents grew up on the tail end of the depression – the “Waste Not – Want Not” era – they knew how to pinch a penny until it screamed. My generation seemed to have gotten caught up in the lure of “easy” credit – now we’re digging out from under it.

    As for Michael’s question of how we will serve this generation in libraries – I’m sure they will tell us in no uncertain terms. As a soon-to-be MLIS graduate, I feel that I have an obligation to stay in touch & embrace technology so that I am able to be there for Generation WE.


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