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Tribes Q & A

Seth Godin called up on the Tribe to write a book together in response to his book Tribes. Take a look: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/files/TribesQA2.pdf There’s so much gold here, I can’t choose a snippet to share. Take a look. This would be an excellent discussion point for staff meetings and long range planning. Maybe the new long range plans for some innovative libraries will be: How can they lead the tribe?

Celebrating Our Failures

Amanda at blogwithoutalibrary.net writes: This is from a design/marketing/communications company’s website. I love how they’re not afraid to showcase ideas that didn’t fly: Think of this as the final resting place for ideas that – for one reason or another – lacked sufficient postage. The road to change is littered with them. You can’t have innovation without failure, right? I’d love to see libraries celebrating their failures more. If you know of a library that does this, let us know in the comments! Good stuff. And certainly part of a more open, transparent institution. One commenter ponders that it might not […]