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The New Darien Library: It’s For ME!

After getting a special press-only sneak preview of Darien’s new $24 million dollar, soon-to-be-certified “Green,” state-of-the-art library yesterday, all I can say is: Oh. My. GAWD. http://allaboutdarien.com/2009/01/the-new-darien-library-its-for-me/ A Darien, CT blogger and mom visits the new library for press opening day, and notes its user-centered, innovative approaches: (emphasis mine in bold) ….beyond the fact that there are no more “desks” behind which Librarians sit, but rather “consultation tables” and Librarians who float around with tablet laptops dedicated to helping you find what you’re looking for; beyond the fact that practically everything from building materials to geo-thermal heating and cooling and air […]