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The Cluetrain is leaving the station – who’s on board? – A TTW Guest Post by Kay Jacobson

Kay wrote a paper for LIS768 on the Cluetrain ten years later. She graciously allowed me to post an edit here. Thanks Kay! Michael Today’s economic situation would seemingly make libraries indispensible.  Yet with budget cuts, many libraries are threatened with cut backs and closings.  The natural reaction, based on fear, would be to go into preservation mode.  Instead, libraries need to be moving into innovation mode, viewing this time as a chance to move ahead and connect with the public that hasn’t been using them.  The disenfranchised public wants to know how the library will be relevant to them […]

An Open Letter to (Libraries) on Twitter

Jenny points to a wonderful post at Museum 2.0: http://theshiftedlibrarian.com/archives/2009/01/05/an-open-letter-to-libraries-on-twitter.html http://museumtwo.blogspot.com/2008/12/open-letter-to-museums-on-twitter.html 1. Don’t use Twitter to spam me about visiting.  2. It’s okay if you start by just following.  3. Once you decide to tweet, make it interesting.  4. Tell me something I can’t find on your homepage.  5. Tell me who you are. 6. Respond to people.  7. Give me content worthy of your institution. Great suggestions for sure, especially the bit about using to Twitter to share the museum’s humanity.