NO WANDERING, originally uploaded by freerangelibrarian.

4 thoughts on “NO WANDERING

  • Julie

    All I do is wander when I’m using a library! And my non-linear brain makes me go from one floor to the next and back again because I forgot something. I guess I wouldn’t be very welcome at this library.

  • Roger

    Once again, let’s mock a library policy because it doesn’t apply to you…

    Yes, I do think it is silly to make a “no wandering” policy and put it on a sign, but there was probably a reason.

    At my library we have a (likely mentally ill) man who wanders around the library all day. He makes a circuit of one floor, then moves on to the next. It is distracting and a little disconcerting to people. No, we didn’t make a policy to stop him, but some days I’d like to…

  • Michael

    I think there’s an ALA subcommittee developing a standard distance-walked threshold for excessive wandering …

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