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Ten Trends & Technologies for 2009

Ten Trends & Technologies for 2009 by Michael Stephens Download a PDF of the post here. Welcome to the 2009 version of TTW’s annual look at the trends and technologies that I believe will impact what we do in libraries and information centers. This post ties in with several presentations I will be giving this spring. I was remiss last year – prepping to take “The Hyperlinked Library” to Australia, I just couldn’t get the 2008 post going. Another reason was many of the same discussions and trends from 2007 had carried over into 2008. If you’re curious, here are […]

Ten Trends & Technologies Tomorrow

I’m gearing up for my Education Institute presentation tomorrow with a presentation and a big blog post. I’ll be speaking to the group via the phone and encourage participants to check in via Twitter as well so we can have some chatter as well. Here are the details: http://www.thepartnership.ca/partnership/bins/calendar_page.asp?cid=85-2304&lang=1 In fact, use this mark so I will be sure to see your messages: #TTWtrends 🙂 The slides are here.

How WE Learn

HeyJude writes: So from the history of the internet to this refocussing on learning – a great interview from Michael Wesch about harnessing collective intelligence rather than teaching content. He is an advocate of ‘anti-teaching’, seeking too inspire with god questions. Google becomes a tool for testing possibilities. Social media is also about learning possibilities. But don’t get it wrong – it is also about more work! more commitment! more active involvement in collaborative learning. He also raises the use of RFID on a campus, for creating learning opportunities. This I like!! “We learn more when we are sharing information…” […]