Ten Trends & Technologies Tomorrow 1

I’m gearing up for my Education Institute presentation tomorrow with a presentation and a big blog post. I’ll be speaking to the group via the phone and encourage participants to check in via Twitter as well so we can have some chatter as well.

Here are the details:


In fact, use this mark so I will be sure to see your messages: #TTWtrends


The slides are here.

One thought on “Ten Trends & Technologies Tomorrow

  • Jennifer Worringer

    Hello Michael!
    I wish I had attended your session at the recent New Jersey NJLA meeting. I see you’ve posted your older version of “Ten Trends.” Are you willing to send me your 2011 “Ten Trends?” I really want to lead my library (I’m a manager under one year) into the future so we remain alive and important to our customers!

    Jennifer Worringer, Branch Manager, Mercer County Library System
    Hickory Corner Library, E. Windsor, NJ 08520

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