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Value for Everyone

I’ll be using this example and article in classes. Jessamyn hits the nail on the head: “Well, at least they’re reading..” That line comes from this article in the Journal-Sentinal Online with the fairly typical headline Libraries’ many benefits rediscovered in hard economic times. Good, right? I was enjoying reading about it until I hit these lines… Library directors report circulation spikes for last month of about 10% when compared with December 2007. “Escapism,” was Waukesha library director Jane Ameel’s concise speculation on the re-emergence of libraries’ attraction. “I wish we were giving them David Copperfield, but so much of our business is in […]

Library Word Find Puzzle

Library Word Find Puzzle, originally uploaded by herzogbr. Brian Herzog writes: Everyone knows how a Word Find puzzle works. Use the Add Note tool above to circle the words. Read more about this on my website. Here are the words to find: ala archive bookgroup books budget catalog circulation community cookery databases dewey dvd fiction flickr genealogy ill information library librarycard loc localauthor network patrons programs reading reference request selfcheck service storytime unshelved website weeding wordpress