TTW Guest Post: The Little B


“The Little B” by Mick Jacobsen

Toby Greenwalt, a coworker of mine, came up with a great idea which I wanted to share and, hopefully, spread.  He created a simple, cool looking icon which symbolizes a blog on our website much like the orange box symbolizes RSS feeds.  With the mighty Photoshop kung-fu of Gail Shaw and Ruth Sinker this brave little B is proudly advertising our blogs.

Beyond making it easier for people to find and recognize the six brand new blogs (including the unique style and content of blogs) within the menu structure on the Skokie Library website, it also effectively brands them. The branding is being carried over from the virtual branch to the physical.  Pins were designed with the logo for blog authors of all departments to wear while helping the public, potentially creating opportunities for conversations about the blogs.  We are also planning on using the B on the various slide shows we use to advertise programs.

Best of all, we are making this little B available to everybody free of charge.  Do you have a blog or two as a part of your library’s web presence? Why not brand it with a little B?  If you can improve upon the little B, go for it and let me know.  If you do decide to use it I would love hear about it.  Hey, who knows, perhaps this will be a little online meme that libraries start.