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From Library Garden:

Thank you for coming–we love to share our space and are happy to have you here. As in many libraries (and I suspect in yours), we have a policy here that states: No Food or Drink in the Library. We hate to tell our patrons no, but have no choice—this is a sensible policy as food and drink stain furniture and carpets and destroys library materials. In this age of the ubiquitous Starbucks cup, coffee cop is one of the worst parts of our jobs.

I just left a comment. Take a read and see what you think.

One thought on “Coffee in the Library?

  • Buffy Hamilton

    I am a high school librarian, and I allow food and drink in my library. Although I do ask students to keep the drinks away from the keyboards, they are welcome to enjoy their food and drinks at our tables and lounge furniture. If a student does need to eat while working at computer (sometimes they need the full lunch period to work while eating because they may have no computer at home), we seat them at the larger computer tables where they can spread out their work materials and lunch tray. Our students are always incredibly courteous and appreciative of our flexible policy about food and snacks.

    We keep several trash cans and one large trash can out, and the students have been quite responsible with this privilege for over a year now! They enjoy being able to eat snacks or lunch while doing homework with friends in a comfortable setting or while reading a book.

    I also do not mind if teachers want to enjoy their soda, coffee, or fruit while in the library with their classes. I would say if high school teenagers can be responsible with food and drink in the library, then adults in a public library setting can be trusted, too! 🙂

    Buffy Hamilton
    The Unquiet Library

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