Beyond 2.0: Playful Teamwork



From February 23 to May 4, 2009, the Virginia Beach Public Library will offer Beyond 2.0 – Playful Teamwork, a life-long learning and team collaboration experience for library staff. The program is designed to:

  • enhance business practices through the use of technology to improve internal operations and communications and enhance services to citizens
  • contribute to a fun, playful workplace that inspires collaboration among library staff members
  • expand library staff’s knowledge base
  • foster implementation of web 2.0 skills

The Beyond 2.0 program is be comprised of two parts:

A learning based blog
A staff collaboration opportunity

Virginia Beach Libraries re launching an exploration and project-based spin off of Learning 2.0. Looks like this program is focused on creativity and teamwork – the end result is a project “to create something of value for library staff or customers.”  This will be very interesting to watch. I also be going down to Virginia beach in May to work with the staff for a couple of days.