See You in Phoenix 3

We’re leaving tomorrow for eight days in Arizona, starting with 3 days at the Grand Canyon. Next week, we’ll be in Phoenix for my presentations on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you’re attending “The Hyperlinked Library” on Tuesday or the databases discussion on Wednesday, please say hi.

March 10, 2009. The Hyperlinked Library: Trends, Tools, Transparency. Maricopa County Library Council Continuing Education Committee Program, Phoenix, Arizona

March 11, 2009: “Managing Electronic Information Resources in a 2.0 World” Workshop for the Arizona State Library.

I can’t believe it’s spring break already(and tonight I see Fleetwood Mac!) !

3 thoughts on “See You in Phoenix

  • Jennie

    We’re looking forward to having you here Michael! Enjoy your vacation days at the Canyon.

  • Jenne

    I may or may not have tickets to the Fleetwood Mac show (problems at ebay). Could you post a review of the show after you have seen it? I am wondering how they are without Christie McVie.

  • Shawn Flecken

    Thanks for an interesting discussion, Michael. We need more opportunities to get the database-types from around Arizona together in one room.

    Our follow-up to your presentation led to lots of useful talk about our statewide database package.

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