TTW Mailbox: Rural Library Needs 2.0 Help 3

John Taube writes:

I am a Library Director in Western Maryland and am pushing our system to more library 2.0 stuff such as patron tagging of records and using the library as a communication hub of the community. I have hit a snag in that due to our rural location, I cannot find local programmers or IT folk to help me out. Can you point me in the right direction? Any prospects or interested people should still feel free to contact me at    Thanks

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3 thoughts on “TTW Mailbox: Rural Library Needs 2.0 Help

  • Julie Hildebrand

    You did not mention if you have a website…if not an easy way to start is by creating a blog…Blogger is very easy to set up. Patrons can leave comments, you can post pictures, and link to other sites. You can use Shelfari to list new books. Check out our website at the Independence Public Library in Independence, Kansas, Notice the link for the Visions of the Universe exhibit…that is a blogger blog, so is the Staff Favorite Picks, the Directors Blog, the Kids Buzz, the Teen Tech Week blog and more. You will also see Shelfari is used for our new fiction, non-fiction, and YA books. As far as tagging records we recently started using a Koha catalog where patrons can tag items, but they are not using it much yet. I created and update our website and staff members keep their blogs updated. Please feel free to contact me at

  • Aubrey

    Is your “snag” that you don’t have technical support or that you don’t have the right hardware and Internet connections?

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