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The Transparent Library: You Can’t Afford Not To Do These Things

We’ve written about ideas for improving customer service, boosting staff morale, fostering change, and building a management and communication style that is win-win for both staff and administration. Almost everything we’ve discussed has, as its only cost, time–necessary to plan, implement, and review. There are no expensive technologies to purchase, no cutting-edge software to struggle with, and no $500-an-hour consultants. Our suggestions involve listening, dialog, and transparent actions. Trust is the underlying concept. Communication is its foundation. Read the whole column here.

KGB Answers your Text Messages

No, it’s not the secret service of the Soviet Union – it is, however, the commercialized reference desk.  KGB, or the knowledge generation bureau as they sometimes call themselves, provides a two-way text reference service straight to mobile devices.  Anywhere.  Anytime. Which begs these questions: What about the reference desk?  Why not ask a librarian? You’ll never hear me say or read that I think the reference desk is dead – because it’s not.  But I will say that we can see in the KBG that there is a niche for text message information resources and they are filling it.  […]

Games and Gaming Blog/Column at LJ

I was glad to meet Liz Danforth at my afternoon session of “The Hyperlinked Library” in Phoenix last week. The group was buzzing about her new blog and column about gaming at Library Journal: http://www.libraryjournal.com/blog/1130000713/post/500041650.html A bit of her introductory post: Most of my time freelancing I’ve also worked in libraries as a part-time paraprofessional. I love freelancing but it’s lonely. I like being around people and I truly love libraries: literate and curious people, engaging co-workers, and a genuinely meaningful mission to make a difference in one’s community. I finally broke down and went to library school, completing my […]