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Practicum: Teaching & Using Flickr in Libraries

Flickr Tutorial  View more presentations from librarybug. I am also serving as faculty advisor with a student for a practicum experience at Schaumburg Township Disrict Library. Carrie has been working this semester on STDL’s Flickr presence, staffing the Reference Desk and she just taught a class on Flickr for the public.  Checkout her blog here: http://classes.tametheweb.com/librarybug

Info Architecture for Libraries – Two Independent Studies

I’m working with two students this semester on individual independent studies. They’ve chosen to chronicle their work via a blog, This is one of the ways we check in and I can see their progress. We also meet for lunch every other week to discuss readings and have some genral chit chat. Purpose This project is being completed as part of an independent study by Kyle Jones and Katharine Johnson, graduate students in Dominican University’s Graduate School of Library and Information Science.  Kyle wants to investigate more into the field of Information Architecture and develop a background on its influence […]

Cooper’s 2nd Day!

Cooper’s 2nd Day!, originally uploaded by mstephens7. A brief personal note here on TTW. School has been super busy and blogging and such has taken a back seat but we’ve also added a new family member. Meet Cooper! He’s from the Central Indiana Labrador Rescue & Adoption group. He’s a year and a half old and full – I mean FULL – of puppy energy! Thanks for all of the nice comments at Flickr.