Info Architecture for Libraries – Two Independent Studies


I’m working with two students this semester on individual independent studies. They’ve chosen to chronicle their work via a blog, This is one of the ways we check in and I can see their progress. We also meet for lunch every other week to discuss readings and have some genral chit chat.

This project is being completed as part of an independent study by Kyle Jones and Katharine Johnson, graduate students in Dominican University’s Graduate School of Library and Information Science. 

Kyle wants to investigate more into the field of Information Architecture and develop a background on its influence (or lack thereof) on library website and application design.

Katharine wants to gear her research toward the architecture of library website content.  After a rigorous investigation of IA on a whole, she hopes to offer libraries a blueprint for their site design based upon what has (and has not) worked in the past and creating a sustainable site for the future.

Check out their work here: