Pew: The Mobile Difference 1–Typology.aspx

  • 8% of adults use mobile devices and broadband platforms for continual information exchange to collaborate with their social networks
  • 7% of adults actively use mobile devices and social networking tool, yet are ambivalent about all the connectivity
  • 8% of Americans find mobility lighting their information pathways, but have comparatively few tech assets at home
  • 16% of adults are active conduits of content and information for
  • 61% are anchored to stationary media; though many have broadband and cell phones, coping with access is often too much for them

  • One thought on “Pew: The Mobile Difference

    • Liz

      I wonder if the results would be different today. The surveys were done in 2007, an eon ago in terms of mobile technology. (Was Twitter even around then?)

      For the record I’m one of the 61% but I do recognize the importance of mobile information sources.

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