ALA Connect Update & LIS EDU Community

From the ALA Marginalia Blog, Jenny Levine writes:

Just a quick note to say how happy we are about the response to ALA Connect. We’ve received many positive emails, tweets, and more about the site, but even better – folks are checking it out and using it. This can be difficult to see, as many working groups are not posting their content publicly, but we’re only a couple of weeks into this new endeavor, so we expect content in the working groups and communities will continue to grow, especially going into Annual Conference.

Here are some early numbers from the site’s first two weeks:

  • 1588 people have logged in (1395 ALA members + 193 non-ALA members)
  • # of new communities created by ALA members and staff: 22
  • # of posts: 124 total
  • # of online documents: 124 total
  • # of calendar events: 125 total
  • # of polls/votes: 14 total
  • # of discussions: 32 total
  • # of images: 24 total

So stuff is happening on the site – what’s happening in your groups?

Yesterday I took some time and explored the site, joined a group or two and created a community for LIS Educators and people interested in library schools:  This will also be my way of learning how things work within this blossoming online community. I posted a couple of discussion type things to see how it goes. Take a look. 🙂

Here’s my profile: