CityLibrariesLearning discover*play*connect Launched

My co-investigator Warren Cheetham has launched his library’s Learning 2.0 program after we ran a pre-course survey of the staff. From his intro post:

Welcome everyone! I hope you are as excited as I am to begin this learning journey together. We have a lot of fun things ahead of us, and I am really looking forward to learning about some new Web 2.0 tools with you.

About CityLibrariesLearning – discover*play*connect

For an overview of our program, please visit the “About” page on this blog. If you have any questions at all, you can leave a comment on the bottom of this page (or any page on the blog), you can chat to one of the learning champions, or ask the person sitting next to you. We’re all learning and playing together and the more we help each other out, the better our experience will be!

This blog will be the place to visit several times each week to find out the latest learning ‘discovery’. Each discovery will take the form of

  • Discover – you will be invited to read some information, watch a video or listen to an audio file to discover a new Web 2.0 tool or online service
  • Play – you are welcome to spend time playing and exploring the discovery. This may involving signing up or registering with an online service (always free), writing some words or sharing some images, poking, prodding and turning the thing upside down to see how it works! For some of the discoveries, this may be as far as you want to go, but for others you may want to…
  • Connect – this means really engaging and using the new discovery. You may find a work or personal use for it. You are encouraged to stretch your use of the tool as far as you can. This is a good opportunity for those people who may already be familiar with a particular tool or service to explore some of the advanced features.

Video Welcome from Helene Blowers:

Well wishes from Michael:

We just booked the tickets for five weeks in Australia in the fall: Melbourne, Perth, Townsville & Sydney! I’ll be working with various institutions – focus groups, etc – to look at the impact of Learning 2.0 programs over time. The national survey will be launched soon.

Find out more about the research program here:

Measuring the Value and Effect of Learning 2.0 Programs in Libraries

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