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The American Library Association (ALA) Emerging Leaders, Group G is collecting real stories of how Human Resources Development and Recruitment (HRDR) has impacted job seekers—new graduates and transitioning career seekers alike—over the past 35 years.

Find the perfect job thorough the ALA Placement Center? Locate the perfect candidate at a conference? Successfully revamp your resume with NMRT? We’d love to hear about it. No story is too small, no story too large.

Visit the website (http://www.ala.org/cfapps/emergingleaders/jumpstart/index.cfm) for more information or to submit a story.

You can also submit stories via email to: [email protected] or upload a video to YouTube with the tag “jumpstartlibrarian”

Thanks from Emerging Leaders 2009 Team G: Alex Tyle-Annen, Cynthia Dudenhoffer, Miranda Rodriguez, and Tracy Stout.

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