The Tech Static

techstaticSad news, Rachel Singer Gordon’s Tech Static is calling it quits.  Tech Static is/was an outstanding resource for reviews of technology books.  Anybody who has collected Dewey 000s knows just how difficult it is to find credible, reliable, and well written reviews of computer books. This is especially true for those who collect that area but do not have a formal background in technology, like me.

I am also disappointed that we let the Tech Static die. Not enough people stepped up when Rachel asked for help. Perhaps you were like me and  had it on your to do list but never actually got around to it (kicking myself). Maybe you did not even know about the Tech Static. Whatever the reason, we failed and have cost librarianship a valuable resource.

I do know that come Monday I will be discussing the Tech Static with my superiors and asking them if we could pledge a small amount per a year.  I hope you will do the same.  Perhaps we can revive this experiment; librarian reviewing books for librarians managed by a librarian.

TTW Contributor
Mick Jacobsen