TTW Mailbox: More from Ohio 2

Patty Fonesca writes:

Take a look at what Ohio’s public libraries are doing to garner support since we are facing up to 50% funding cuts:

Save Ohio Libraries on Facebook already has over 1,800 members

One library did this to draw attention to the issue:

One library has a countdown clock:

Ohio Library Council is recommending the use of social networking sites:

Here at the Champaign County Library, we are using Facebook, our website, emails to patrons, etc.  Also, a patron is setting up a desk here at the library to assist others in learning about what they can do to help support the library.  We are providing contact information for our legislators, talking points, etc.  The most effective tool will be if we can use all these methods to get grassroots, heartfelt support from the people who count on us every day.

The propposed cuts announced just last week will be decided by July 1st, so we must use every means possible to preserve funding.

2 thoughts on “TTW Mailbox: More from Ohio

  • Patty Fonseca

    The Facebook group Save Ohio Libraries now has 25,489 members and Governor Strickland’s wall on Facebook has been filled with comments all this week. News of rallies throughout the state was spread through the internet and Twitter has also been used to provide updates. People reported having trouble getting through to the governor’s office via telephone due to the large number of calls. We understand the legislators have tough choices to make, but we also believe that libraries were targeted disproportionately and are hopeful that our legislators have heard the library supporters.

  • more for less

    This is what happens when all their eggs are in one basket. For years Ohio libraries have lead the nation in funding because they get a portion of the state income tax . Now they’re in trouble because many of them little or no local money. While I’d hate to see them lose their funding, I get sick of seeing Ohio libraries at the top of every HAPLR index and Library Journal’ sStar libraries all the time. It’s not because Ohio libraries are that much better, they’re just much better funded — or at least they were.

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