What Changes? 2

What Changes?, originally uploaded by willrich.

Excellent image from Will Richardson!

2 thoughts on “What Changes?

  • Gayatri Krishnamurthy

    The information professionals are changing to Macs. Mac seems to be the in thing now.

  • Isabella Andruszkiewicz

    What we see on this picture is Generation Y. They are accustomed to things moving at the speed of an electronic impulse – whether it is ordering fast food, Internet banking or accessing library resources.
    They view technology – particularly mobile phones and the Internet – as an extension of themselves. With social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube now being used on a daily basis by this group, they expect that the flexibility and availability of these applications will also transfer to library services. If libraries are serious about reaching and servicing this rising generation of consumers, they will need to provide them with the right mix of flexible and convenient technologies.

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