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Helene Blowers’ Learning 2.0 Survey Results

Learning 2.0: 23 Things Survey FindingsView more presentations from hblowers.Helene writes: In going through some old posts still in draft, I realized that I had never shared the findings of the Learning 2.0: 23 Things survey that I had conducted last summer specifically with coordinators of other programs. In conducting the survey I had hoped to find out what was the program’s success related to several factors, specifically use of incentives and presence of active management participation. Once the results were compiled, I found the findings interesting. I hope you will agree. Here is a short slidedeck providing a high […]

Emotionally Intelligent Signs

Sent to me via Karen Burns in Iowa, this presentation speaks to one of my prominent themes here at TTW. The signs we put up in our libraries convey a message to users. Some, riddled with NO and other negative language just don’t feel right for library spaces. How can we demonstrate empathy with our signs? How can we encourage people? Take a look!