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Gwinnett to Close Dacula Branch

I follow news about Gwinnett closely because of all of the interesting and strange things their board has done. It’s a perfect example for teaching. Take a look at the newest news: At a specially called meeting Tuesday evening, the Library Board of Trustees voted to take the step in the face of budget cuts mandated by the County Commission. The vote was 3-1. Already this week, Gwinnett residents have seen the library system take the unusual step of closing Sundays and Mondays and reducing hours the rest of the week. In a heated discussion at Tuesday’s meeting, District […]

Young Librarian Series Submissions Wanted

Leah White writes: My fellow young librarians and library workers: I am now accepting submissions for an idea that I have been bouncing around for some time now. The Young Librarian Series is is a multimedia project. The basis is going to be a series of video interviews and guest posts on a blog graciously being hosted at tametheweb blogs. (ty Michael!!) Our themes will be generations in the library and being a Gen Y and young Gen X librarian; our experiences, our triumphs, struggles, cool projects that you might want to highlight, and so on. Items the you might […]

Top 100 Librarian Friendfeeds to Follow at Cheapie Online Degrees.COM

Heh – made you look! But really, check out Jessamyn’s spot on post about this irksome practice: I get an email maybe once a week from someone with a human-sounding name saying they read my blog and think they have something my readers might be interested in. Or they offer to do a guest post on my blog. The link is usually some sort of vaguely useful list of something library-related but the URL of the website is not library-related. In fact the URL of the website is usually something like, or (which if you’ll notice […]


WEll, I won’t physically be there…but: The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) will hold its annual World Library and Information Congress, the 75th IFLA General Conference and Assembly, from August 23 to August 29 in Milan, Italy. Leaders in the field of library and information sciences from across the globe will gather at the conference, including representatives from U.S. Embassy libraries.Join U.S. Embassy Rome and CO.NX as we host a series of video webchats in conjunction with the IFLA conference. From August 23 to August 25, leading American librarians will discuss issues of importance to the […]

Screencasting to an Audience of One

For a patron to learn that our library has just the resource they were looking for, followed by a helpful tutorial by a librarian, only to realize a day later that they can’t remember exactly how to access it worries me. Many patrons quickly forget the title of a recommended resource, let alone how to find it on a library’s website. This is very true when I am on the customer side of service desks.  Perhaps they will recall the name of the resource and even how to find it, but will not be able to replicate the search.  Worst […]