Meet Abbey, the Digital Native 16

Presented at VALA2010

16 thoughts on “Meet Abbey, the Digital Native

  • margare

    what we make children say…. I can’t believe she understands what she has repeated for this ‘cute’ video……

  • MyLibraryLady

    @margare: It does not matter if the child in the video understands what she was “coached” to say today. What matters is that she will mean it all in just a few years.. are we ready to serve her and other digital-native patrons in the library?

    Bravo for an impactful video that does not preach or make me yawn.

  • Margaret

    Imprssive little girl with some big words well mastered. She obviously does know how to use some of the things she referred to, even books! Congratulations to the person who put this together.

  • Vikki

    Very sad!! I can’t see how all this technology is going to make us any happier only more depressed as we realise we can never keep up as more and more is pushed onto us. I say let the children (and us!) play!

  • Kathrina T. Tarip

    Very impressive. I would like to thank the person who had such a good idea to put this together.This widens my thought about digital lives.
    However, From where I worked, the students seems to ingnore using books and tend to used more of the internet to find information. Is this one of the digital lives. Is the internet ok for students to do research. To my point of view I think this is not right always to research on the internet. What are your point of views?

  • Anne L.

    If this is the future, what could be more sad — what’s a childhood for?

    And this comment is coming to you from someone who does/knows all the tech stuff.

  • Dana

    Disgusting! Using a three year old girl to sell ideology. The girl has no clue what she is talking about, she just recites sentences she is taught to.

  • Stewart

    Like a good sermon, this clip is useful because it’s provocative. The content message of it is most likely to simply be debated on the basis or personal psychology, that is, validating what we already do or don’t do because of who we are. What fascinates me is those who don’t apply a higher standard of scrutiny to media information/presentations than information gathered face-to-face, which our own natural filters are manipulating, rather than someone else manipulating it first.

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