The Hackney Bunch 5

DO NOT MISS this incredible video from Hackney Library. Well Done! As a long LONG time BB fan, the cleverness of this piece just sends me. I applaud the ,musical skill and technical aptitude that put this together.

Introducing the staff of the Hackney Library at Barton College. Feel free to contact the Library when you need assistance!

5 thoughts on “The Hackney Bunch

  • Jude

    I don’t know, dude. My first thoughts are 1) copyright infringement–did they have permission to use that Karaoke tape? 2) possibly intentionally poor quality of choral performance 3) these people need to go on diets/get makeovers/show something appealing that would make me actually want to walk up to one and ask for help 4) all the titles are library jargon–e.g., “reference librarian” that mean nothing to whoever their audience is and 5) who in heck *is* that audience?

  • Jen Waller

    I love it! It made me smile (and laugh) for sure.

    @Jude, it’s good to raise valid points and ask valid questions. It’s also good to be kind and give the creators some benefit of the doubt.

  • StellaT

    I thought this was cute. I love homemade library videos, sure they’re usually a little corny but are they kind of supposed to be?

    @Jude, this may come as a surprise but not everyone’s worth is measured based on their attractiveness to you. How sad is it that you’re trolling a Library video??

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