A Great World for Learning 2

This provides so much food for thought – school librarians please take a look – and really, everyone in LIS – how will can we provide them a world for learning?

2 thoughts on “A Great World for Learning

  • Annie


    I am a GSLIS student at Dominican and read your blog from time to time. This video was amazing! I currently work as an aide in an elementary school and in the future, wish to work in the youth services department of a public library. It was great to see something that applies to both schools and libraries! Thanks for sharing!

    ~Annie Kosinski

  • christie

    I found this video inspiring and encouraging… but I know that not all educators would. I’m fortunate enough to work in a school where the vast majority of the faculty are at least interested (if not necessarily proficient) in providing this kind of learning-as-opposed-to-regurgitation environment, and we are supported by administrators who are open to innovation and try-it-out attitudes. Where we run into difficulty is in the day-to-day: balancing the up-front work that’s necessary to make authentic learning possible with the very real demands of standards and test scores and what have you.

    I don’t have a good answer as to HOW. I do believe, though, that it’s critically important for librarians and licensed educators to keep an open mind and a spirit of play in our work – like the kids we work with. We need to be willing to learn with them rather than insisting on a power differential. I think that kind of attitude goes a long, long way.

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