See You in Switzerland or Germany! 1

Here’s a breakdown of the events and presentation/discussions I’ll be doing over the next ten days or so in Switzerland and Germany. A big shout out to Nancy, Professor Hans-Christoph Hobohm and everyone at the embassies and U.N. Mission for making this trip happen.


March 8:  Morning Tour of CERN

March 8:  Two hour lunch discussion with members of AILIS, the Association of International Librarians and Information Specialists

Due to security protocols, I cannot bring my Mac into the mission, so I will be working from PDFs stored on local laptops.

March 9, 2010:  Tour of UN Library & program with senior librarians, followed by program at US Mission.

This program is for social media folks from the Geneva area – thus the slightly altered slides.

Evening flight to Hamburg


March 10 – 14:00-16:00 The Hyperlinked Community Library at the Hamburg State and University Library

Evening train to Berlin (I like the way that sounds)


March 11, 2010:   Trends & Technologies for 2010 at the US Embassy (Slides above)

March 12: Stammtisch! Tour and meetup with librarians from followed by an evening event: “a get-together with other librarians, social media specialist and cultural manager to exchange and discuss ideas at a nice location in a relaxed atmosphere.” FUN! :-)

March 15: “The Hyperlinked Community Library – Trends, Tools & Transparency ,” 4th Leipziger Kongress für Information und Bibliothek, Leipzig, Germany.

If you are attending any of these events, please say Hi!

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