What is Web 2.0 to Digital Natives 5

Via the Librarian by Day:

5 thoughts on “What is Web 2.0 to Digital Natives

  • Batarang

    All these “digital natives” are just doing what is coming natural to them. “Web 2.0” is just the internet they’re growing up with. I’d wager that many of these kids wouldn’t think of the internet as technology at all. While we can sit and label things as this or that in order to stifle or stereotype, life goes on…its evolving, and even mini-revolutions like Skype, Twitter, and Facebook are the norm. Even though I’m considered “Gen X”, I’m kind of in the same mindframe…all these new tools are cool (including all the hardware to run them), but I’m expecting all this stuff to be created, and I’m looking forward to the next-gen tools that will change our expectations. When the creation of software/hardware starts to slow down significantly, that’s when I’ll mark the calendar.

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