Brandenburg Gate after my talk at the US Embassy 4

Guten Abend nach Berlin! The talk at the US Embassy went well – what a great group. Tomorrow: StammTisch. See you there.

4 thoughts on “Brandenburg Gate after my talk at the US Embassy

  • Nancy


    On behalf of the Embassy, thank you so much for coming to Berlin. You were moving around so much, we couldn’t get a great photo – but we have you up on our website for the record. We will try again in Leipzig at the Bibliothekskongress – at your talk at 11:00 and then at the US Embassy stand at 14:00.

  • Cyril

    Thanks for having a look at what technology could bring to the modest European social network by introducing concepts & Web 2.0 Apps. Our (international)schools are big fans of “you know who” Ross Todd. I just think the german public at the presentation was just quite too much focused on their “privacy policies”, which seems not to be of a concern to you. Also the fact that communication and socialisation should be a major concern for librarians in public libraries did not seems to correlate their views. Thanks again!

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