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Passive Aggressive Library Signs

sign_nofooddrink2, originally uploaded by bowmanlibrary. Remember this post from July 2006: Ten Signs I Hope I Never See in Libraries Again Take a look at this: (via Liz Danforth on Twitter) Passive Aggressive Library Signs Some are obviously created by students (graduate students?? says one commenter) but some of them are real. It baffles my mind how we still tape up these angry, mean-spirited signs in places that should be as welcoming as possible.

Open Conversation: Being Human

From Michael – This is a reprint of a column originally published last year in Digitale Biblioteek. It was very nice to finally meet Jan in person at UGUL10. Jan: Hi Michael, I’ve read your long and rich Ten ways to encourage the tribe blogpost from the 17th of May. I think every librarian should read your story about how libraries and librarians can engage in and connect tribes or communities of shared interest. In this post you mention several important sources of inspiration, such as Peter Block, Howard Rheingold and Seth Godin. You also named the book The Cluetrain […]